Buy the Lord of the Rings HD trilogy on PSN, get a free dynamic theme

We're constantly looking for reasons to re-purchase the Lord of the Rings film trilogy -- a fact clearly evidenced by our ownership of the theatrical versions of the films, the extended director's cut of each movie, the Blu-ray version of the trilogy, and another set of each of those, so we can keep one in mint condition, and watch the other on a bi-weekly basis.

A recent PlayStation.Blog post has informed us that we'll need to shell out for yet another version of the films: The HD, downloadable trilogy on the PlayStation Store. Not only does it curtail our need to purchase two versions of the bundle, but it also comes with a free, LoTR-based dynamic PS3 theme. We've already collected a number of background skins for Sony's home gaming console, but we have a feeling this one has a pretty good shot at ruling them all.