HTC EVO 4G to get boatload of accessories in Sprint stores

So we just got handed some sort of Sprint "overview deck" going over some of the HTC EVO 4G's finer points -- and rest assured, there are many fine points -- but all told, there's not a lot new here; there's no release date that we can see, and we're already well acquainted with its 4G hotspot capability and the major features of Android 2.1 integrated with Sense. That said, our attention was drawn to the last couple slides, which reveal a bunch of accessories that'll be available just in case the phone itself isn't enough to max out the plastic. Specifically, there's a dock with HDMI out ("likely" available after launch), a car mount, screen protectors, several kind of cases and gels in every color of the rainbow, and a couple different kinds of replacement shells -- one multi-color kit with a handful of snazzy shades, and a custom design option that sounds similar to what T-Mobile has done in the past with some of its devices. Oh, and there's another gem in here: a battery charging holster -- something along the lines of a Case-Mate Fuel, from what we can tell -- that'll come after the initial launch.

That's about it as accessories go, but we'd like to call your attention to the second slide in the deck, which calls out a mysterious "Segment 1" as Sprint's primary target market for the EVO 4G, with "Segment 6" gaining importance after the phone drops in price -- possibly around the holidays this year. From what it sounds, Sprint actually has all of its target demographics grouped into numbered buckets; we'd love to know what they all are, but needless to say, you can count us (and probably most of you) in this fun-loving, awesome Segment 1. You know, the cool kids.%Gallery-90242%

[Thanks, Crimmage]