ESRB: 15 new PSP games coming from Sony Computer Entertainment

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ESRB: 15 new PSP games coming from Sony Computer Entertainment
While Sony's handheld is currently experiencing a bit of a software drought, the summer months should treat fans a bit better, with the release of games like Fat Princess, ModNation Racers, Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, Valkyria Chronicles 2 and Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep. Should these games still not satiate your handheld appetite, it appears Sony is planning on releasing at least 15 PSP games in the imminent future.

A recent update to the ESRB database showcases a number of games coming from Sony Computer Entertainment America, including Finger Connection, Homerun Hitters, Love Cupid, Busy Sweets Factory, Charge! Tank Squad!, Music Quiz, One Two Boat Racing, Pile Up Bakery, Pinball Duel, Quiz Animania, Ramen Heaven, Sheep Defense, Shogi, Sweet Reversi, and Tonzurakko. Most (if not all) of these games appear to be downloadable efforts, considering the simplistic quality of their descriptions; however, these games are unlikely to be part of PlayStation Minis, as they are rated exclusively for PSP. (Minis can be played on both the PSP and PS3.)

We're currently reaching out to Sony to see if we can find out more about these games, pricing and release schedule. Perhaps these will get a bit more pre-release attention than Pinball Heroes?
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