What's on your iPhone, Steve Sande?

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What's on your iPhone, Steve Sande?
What's on your iPhone? is a new TUAW series that we'll run occasionally so you can see what the bloggers at your favorite Apple site are running on their pocket devices. This was suggested by one of our readers, who wanted to know just what kind of stuff we had on our iPhones. Since we're a group of individuals who all think a bit differently, it makes a lot of sense to have each of the bloggers in turn write up a short blurb on their favorite apps.

In this post I'll list those apps that deserve special attention, but to see all of the apps that I currently have on my iPhone 3GS, you'll need to take a look at the gallery at the end of the post.

To start with, you'll find that I have a lot of camera apps. In nearly three years, I've used my iPhones to take literally thousands of pictures. I love the look of most of the photos, and it's even more fun to run them through a filter or two to add some pizazz to the pics. I currently have the default iPhone Camera and Photos apps, but have added Best Camera, Zoom Lens, Pano, Color Splash, Project 365, Lo-Mob, Self Image, ReelDirector (for video), FocalLab, CinemaFX, iTimeLapse, iCamcorder (for video), and CameraForiPad to my 3GS.
eBook readers make up another big category of iPhone apps for me -- I've loaded Kindle for iPhone, eReader, and Stanza onto the 3GS. You can bet that when iBook appears on the iPhone platform later this year, I'll add it immediately.

I like to travel, although I'm not traveling for business as much as I had in previous years. I keep TripIt, Trip Journal, Ships Ahoy!, and FlightTrack on the 3GS to help keep me informed and amused while I'm traveling.

I'm not what you'd exactly call a gamer, so my game choices are pretty dull. Monopoly Here & Now: The World Edition has been a favorite for years, Skee-Ball is still on my phone (although I don't play it often), and Flick Bowling and Flick Bowling 2 are also still on this phone. DoodleJump is still my favorite iPhone game, although I frankly suck at it, and Astraware Solitaire, Scrabble, and Apple's own Texas Hold'em are also keepers.

My favorite business apps (anything I use on a regular basis in my business)? BeejiveIM, Credit Card Terminal, Dropbox, iTeleport, Quickoffice Connect Mobile Suite, Daylite Touch, Simplenote, Things, and List! are used quite often, and I'm still trying to figure out if I want to keep Dragon Dictation on here.

I do some personal blogs from the iPhone using Tumblr and WordPress, but I want to move the blogging to my iPad -- it's just a lot easier to touch-type on the bigger keyboard.

Post-iPad, I'm finding that I'm starting to move from some iPhone apps to their larger iPad siblings. There are others that just make more sense on the iPhone, but some apps are much better on the iPad. To see what my rather unorganized iPhone screens look like (and with some commentary on some of my other apps), be sure to browse the gallery below.
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