Earthrise delayed by robot assassin

Justin Olivetti
J. Olivetti|04.13.10

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Earthrise delayed by robot assassin
MMO delays are as unsurprising as they are unwelcome, as it takes a superhuman feat of effort, scheduling and testing to get these mighty virtual behemoths out the door. So while it is sad news to Earthrise fans that this post-apocalyptic sci-fi MMO won't be seeing a Q2 2010 release date, delays like this are becoming more typical than not with big-budget titles.

What is unexpected, however, is how Masthead made the announcement, eschewing the front page of the website in favor for an odd and decidedly quirky forum post. In it, the Earthrise team puts the blame for the launch delay, as well as the delay of an anticipated combat video, on a robot assassin named Jaberwokie:

"This message is coming to you from the safety of our remote emergency office, as the few survivors have fled the main premises and are in safe, unknown locations in deep seclusion recovering from the recent accidental attack of evil robot assassin 'Jaberwokie.' Due to the demolition of key figures in Masthead development, it has unavoidably slowed down progress, delaying development and quite possibly resulting in a later than originally envisioned launch schedule. (Oops.) The good news is that we still have forums, and therefore an outside link to all of our caring and concerned community where will we continue to provide updates regarding development progress as we rebuild and repair operations so we may continue bringing the world of Enterra to life. As proof of our commitment to you, we have provided a picture of our sys admin who will keep the forums alive at all costs.

"The determined survivors would also like me to mention that the combat video will not appear before the 16th of April due to this tragic circumstance. It will be released in full 'when it is ready,' as the robot assassin truly went out of control. We understand this delay places us at risk from sea bass, but we are not afraid! Our devotion is strengthened by the challenges ahead of us, and we thank you for your patience and understanding! "

You can read the full announcement -- along with gruesome pictures -- on the Earthrise forums.
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