Working RED EPIC camera demonstrated at NAB 2010

Well, RED promised that it would be demonstrating a working RED EPIC camera at this year's NAB show, and it's now delivered. In case you're not up to speed on all things RED, the EPIC is a 5k camera, and can be used in a whole range of different configurations from a small handheld setup for video or still photos, to a fully-outfitted camera rig suitable for a feature film. Head on past the break for a pair of videos from the Scarlet User Podcast, and hit up the source link below for plenty more shots of the camera -- not to mention some accessories including the just-announced RED Station.

[Thanks, Zac]

Update: We just heard from the tipster Zac, who says he was on the shoot and wanted to clarify that the microphone was reportedly working fine for the entire day prior to this interview.