How would you change Motorola's Devour?

Darren Murph
D. Murph|04.16.10

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How would you change Motorola's Devour?
Motorola's Devour has somehow managed to get a little lost in the mix, primarily due to the wealth of Android options on America's two main CDMA carriers right now. The design is certainly appealing, particularly to those still averse to virtual keyboards, but it's the Blur user interface that really sets this apart from the Droid. Of course, we didn't exactly find a whole lot to love about the total package (compared to the other Android options, anyway), but that's not to say there's nothing to discuss. On the contrary, actually. Did you plop down a crisp Benjamin to get yourself a Devour? Are you still happy with the decision? How's Blur been treating you? Would you retool any of the hardware / software aspects? Get honest down in comments below, and yes, feel free to consider this the group therapy you've thus far refused to pay good money for.

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