Sony Ericsson X10 can do multitouch after all, will get Android 2.1 in September?

So, was all that hubbub for nothing? British retailer -- a wholly-owned subsidiary of giant Carphone Warehouse, for what it's worth -- is claiming a "man on the inside" as saying that the X10 actually can do multitouch after all, despite word from a Sony Ericsson product manager to the contrary. In fact, not only can it do multitouch, but it will do multitouch through a software update in the second half of the year, the source goes on to say. This all ties in nicely with the dude's claim that the X10 will see an official update to Android 2.1 in September, a window that dovetails rather nicely with Sony Ericsson's official line of 2H 2010. Of course, by the time September rolls around, we can only assume that Froyo will be alive and well, so the ultimate question of relevancy for Sony Ericsson's very first Android venture remains to be answered.