The Daily Grind: Have you ever had microtransactioner's remorse?

Justin Olivetti
J. Olivetti|04.16.10

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The Daily Grind: Have you ever had microtransactioner's remorse?
Yesterday the MMO world reeled in shock -- and by "reeled in shock" I mean "lined up in queues of over 130,000" -- as Blizzard unveiled the latest high-cost microtransaction: a $25 flying mount in World of Warcraft. This is certainly not the first time that RMT has caused a stir among players, nor will it be the last, but it's certainly a facet of the industry that's here to stay.

So as RMT becomes more widespread, it stands to reason that many Massively readers have experimented, engaged and engorged with microtransactions and item shops. If you have, has there ever been a time when you've ponied up dough for a virtual service or item and come to regret it? Perhaps the item wasn't as, erm, awesometacular as you were led to believe, perhaps you only used it once or twice before growing bored with it, or perhaps you left the game shortly thereafter. Have you ever had microtransactioner's remorse?
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