64 Boy might be the smallest N64 mod yet (if not, it's pretty close) (video)

Sure, we've seen more polished N64 handhelds (literally), but we're hard to pressed to find one that's more... well, portable. And its small size doesn't mean that Mod Retro forum member Bentomo's creation is anything less than featured-packed: 3.5-inch display, external docking station (for up to four controllers, stereo audio outs, and both composite and s-video outs), external memory / transfer / rumble pack slot, a charger, up to four hours of battery life, and a full compliment of controls. Not bad for a 65m x 110mm x 53mm package, eh? Interested? Our man is letting this go, and he's taking bids -- though if you offer him $1,000 it's yours. Hit the source link for the details... but not before you check out the epic video after the break.