Atlantica Online bringing housing and new mercenary

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Atlantica Online bringing housing and new mercenary
NDoors is bringing a couple of exciting updates to Atlantica Online, thanks in large part to the game's fans. Last month players had the opportunity to create a new mercenary for the game through the Mercenary Madness contest, and they've announced a winner.

Symban from the Macedon server is the player bringing you the newest mercenary, Vampire Countess Camilla: "She floats through the air, draining life from other players to sustain her existence. Camilla looks every bit the part of a Vampire Countess, with jet black hair contrasted against her snow-white skin and blood-stained lips." We'll find out more about Countess Camilla as her release date moves closer.

A new mercenary isn't the only thing players are looking forward to, though, because housing is on the way to Atlantica Online. Housing, complete with the ability to hire mercenaries to help out around the house, will come to Korean servers this Thursday. International servers will have to wait a bit longer, but they'll be able to enjoy housing later this year.

Keep an eye on Massively for more news on these upcoming additions!
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