Join up with the community!

Seraphina Brennan
S. Brennan|04.21.10

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Join up with the community!
Hey there readers! Have you ever wished to meet up with your fellow readers and go on adventures through strange lands? Have you ever wished to have a place where you can talk about MMO news and games with the other commenters on the site? Have you ever wished to yell at me in person rather than through the comment box? Then boy do we have a deal for you!

Today we're launching a brand new page on our website, the Community! The community page will be hosting all of our contact information, from Twitter to our Facebook Discussion board, as well as information on how to access our brand new chat room, the upcoming events we're hosting on your favorite games, and information on how to get involved with your game's community. Plus, we'll be hosting contests, live chats with some of your favorite developers, and more events down the road!

So please, drop by our community page (or just click the link on the right hand side of the page, under game columns), follow our Facebook or Twitter accounts, or dust off your IRC program and log into and jump into #massively (or use QuakeNet's webchat.) We look forward to meeting you guys!
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