Hulu Plus subscription service rumored: $9.95 a month for access to older shows

Darren Murph
D. Murph|04.22.10

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Hulu Plus subscription service rumored: $9.95 a month for access to older shows
We had a sinking feeling from day one that this so-called "evil plot to destroy the world" was really just an evil plot to eventually invade our wallets, and unfortunately for the freeloaders in attendance, it's looking all the more likely that at least some portion of Hulu won't be free for much longer. We heard back in January that bigwigs surrounding the streaming service were tossing around various pay-for-access schemes, and now the LA Times has it that a bona fide subscription service could go into effect as early as May 24th. Under the terms, which were disclosed by those oh-so-knowledgeable "people familiar with the matter," viewers would be asked to pay $9.95 per month for access to episodes that weren't brand new. We're told that Hulu would continue to provide the five most recent episodes of hit shows for free, but a Hulu Plus pass would be required to view shows older than that. Not surprisingly, Hulu failed to comment on the allegations, but it's safe to say we'll know exactly how legitimate the claims are in just over a month.
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