WRUP: All mounts are equal edition

Elizabeth Harper
E. Harper|04.23.10

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This week's edition of WRUP takes its name from Basil, who kicked off this week's discussion of everyone's favorite mount with some controversy:
Basil Berntsen: I'm not including a pic because all mounts are equal, unless they go faster.
C. Christian Moore: Also Frostheim, WHOA. All mounts are equal? I think not.
BB: Frostheim? Ouch...
Chase Christian: All hunters are the same: their dumb pets pull the boss before everyone is ready, they FD to avoid a repair bill, and when the boss is dead, they roll on any weapon that drops.
BB: Small price to pay, imo. I do way more DPS than you sissy dress wearers.
BB (five minutes later): Wait, you play a rogue, of course. Well, I still... uh... do more DPS... provide better debuffs... can transfer threat better... I can roll on your leather.
CCM: Gah, it's hard keeping track of you hunters, with your ever-changing pets and whatnot.

I think there's only one solution to this problem: a level one battle to the death. But the actual participants might disagree with me. While I wait for them to see this post and sort out their problems, why not look in on what the WoW.com staff is playing this weekend? And, if you're feeling brave, join the debate and tell us what your favorite mount in the game is.

  • Allison Robert (@AllisonRobert): For the 3,285th week in a row, I have sworn up and down to level my shaman's jewelcrafting. We shall see if it happens. Apart from that, I'll be getting my 10-man frostwyrm from ICC on Sunday (a little behind my guildies, but that's what happens when the internet goes boom so friggin' much). And, as a druid, it's impossible to beat the "mount" that is Swift Flight Form. It's gorgeous, it's insta-cast, it's 310% if you've got at least one super-fast flying mount in your stable elsewhere, and you can perch wherever you want and peer at people as if you're sizing them up for your next meal. It can also do a BARREL ROLL. Best skill in the game!
  • Anne Stickney (@Shadesogrey): Working on ICC hardmodes now that the Lich King has been downed, writing, working on a few other Secret Projects, and catching the new Doctor Who. As for favorite mounts, I have a ton of these, but none can beat Mr. AngrybearBaskethat, aka the Amani War Bear.
  • Amy Schley (@wowlawbringer): I'll be out hiking with a couple paladins, a druid, a death knight, and a shaman -- I mean, my husband and our equally WoW-obsessed friends. My favorite mount -- the Beerfest kodo. Why? Because I want my gnome to ride a kodo. Because I want to macro: "They see me rollin' on my kodo. They're all thinking I'm too gnome and nerdy."
  • Brian Wood (@frostheimwhu): I'll be exploring doing 5-man speed races of MC and ZG with the guild, and interviewing Ms. Moore on the Hunting Party Podcast demanding to know why her people don't heal hunter pets enough. I've no favorite mount but concur with Euripides that the only difference between mounts is their speed and flight capabilities.
  • Basil Berntsen (@outdps): playing a little WoW, but mostly doing family stuff this weekend. And I'm not including a pic because all mounts are equal, unless they go faster.
  • C. Christian Moore (@thearenaguy): playing some WoW, but more importantly, going to see my wife's family. Playing some cards on Saturday, too. Also, WHOA. All mounts are equal? I think not. Behold, the Legendary Black Qiraji Battle Tank!
  • Chase Christian (@madsushi): Going for Platinum 2v2 in Starcraft II, still learning the new patch. We'll also be working on Blood Princes heroic, which should be more annoying than fun. My favorite mount is not one but two mounts! My fianceé bought me the Traveler's Tundra Mammoth, and I also scored a BlizzCon Bear by attending BlizzCon, and so if you put the two together... BEAR MAMMOTH.
  • Dan O'Halloran: This weekend I'll be trying out the new browser-based MMORTS, Lord of Ultima, along with the new iPhone MMO Anrufen Online, In WoW I've been meaning to start a Death Knight and I suppose now is as good a time as ever. I'll also be running my usual Friday and Saturday night LotRO groups through Mirkwood 3-man and 6-mans. Favorite mount? Druid flight form in WoW, of course. You are the mount. I submit the following to back up my claim of the superiority of WoW druid flight form.
  • Daniel Whitcomb (@danielwhitcomb): I'll be out of town living it up with some friends. We're having a DDR party and competition, so wish me luck. As far as favorite in game mounts go, I'm not even going to lie. It used to be the Baron's Deathcharger, but the sparkle pony owns my soul now. Haters don't even phase me on this.
  • Dawn Moore (@wowdawn): I'll be writing, working on heroic LK again, and trying to find some time to play Shadow of the Colossus again. Frostheim has invited me to be a guest on the Hunting Party Podcast this Saturday over at the Warcraft Hunters Union. My favorite mounts are Mimiron's head for a flying mount (the amazing photoshop by Kinaesthesia is my new desktop) and for a ground mount, the "Spectral Tiger." Note the quotation marks.
  • Elizabeth Harper (@faience): This weekend I'm trapped out at the beach with family. Send help! And internet access! For mounts, though, nothing beats the Nether Drakes for pure fun to obtain. (Well, admittedly I've blocked most of the annoying grindy parts of the quest chain out of my mind -- but I remember the dragon races with fondness.)
  • Fox Van Allen (@foxvanallen): First, I'm dragging my shammy over the finish line to 80 and will abuse my connections to get at least one low-level raid run under its belt. Then, I'm wasting another $30 to faction change my shadow priest back to Alliance (still thinking over the race!). And if there's still time left, I want to organize another Burning Crusade raid, because running one a few weeks ago was the most fun I'd had playing WoW in a while. Oh, and speaking of Burning Crusade raids, my favorite mount is The Ashes of Al'ar phoenix. It has an awesome story behind it, and it just looks spectacular.
  • Joe Perez (@Lodurzj): Some heavy mining in EVE Online during the weekend while getting ready to take down the Lich King (25). Going to also spend some time on The Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom, and amazingly fun side-scrolling platformer very similar to Braid but with more addicting music. If I have any spare time I'll be playing Beat Hazard for some good fun with my music collection :) My favorite mount is actually the turtle mount from the World of Warcraft Collectible Card Game. I named him speedy senior. I got him in the first pack of WoW cards I bought.
  • Matt Low (@matticus): I'm on an RTS fix this weekend with Age of Empires III. Also, Rise of the Eldrazi is out this weekend and I plan to hit up one of the tournaments tomorrow for it. Managed to go 3-1 last weekend and I hope I can carry the wins forward. As for my favorite mount, what's up Twilight Drake?
  • Mathew McCurley (@gomatgo): More ICC 25 on the weekend. Lots to do on Addon Spotlight content. My favorite mount is the Rusted Proto-Drake. He has side wood paneling, so he looks like a station wagon.
  • Matthew Rossi (@matthewwrossi): I'll most likely be working on Netherwing rep and doing ICC 10 hardmodes (25 is during the week) and my favorite mount is my Ulduar drake.
  • Michael Gray (@writegray): Awww yeah. I'm playing fetch with the Dark Puppy, of course, which is an important precedent. But I'm mostly looking forward to playing some iPhone games, though I don't know which ones yet.
  • Michael Sacco (@mikesacco): Dungeon Fighter Online, probably, with sprinklings of the PS3 games I haven't finished yet.
  • Robin Torres (@cosmiclaurel): I suspect I will be sneaking some levels in on Robinemia this weekend, but otherwise there will be some Lego Universe Beta, STO and a trip to the Griffith Observatory. My favorite mount is the sparkle pony and I don't care who knows it.
Now it's your turn -- where does this weekend find you?
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