NC State's computer vision software promises improved self-driving vehicles

Well, NC State researchers sure seem to be keeping themselves busy these days, with them not only recently developing some improved smart sensors, but some computer vision software that could one day lead to self-driving vehicles. The big advantage with their software is that it's basically able to watch the road and recognize real world driving conditions a few steps in advance -- lane changes, stop signs, etc. -- while also watching out for other cars and pedestrians. Of course, at the moment, that "road" is actually the hallways of NC State, and the vehicle is a toy Jeep, but you get the idea. The researchers are also quick to point out that while the software could eventually lead to truly autonomous vehicles, they first see it being used in the event of an emergency, with the car able to slowly and safely pull itself over and then dial 911. Head on past for a quick overview, local news style.