ThinkPad Edge beats Vostro V13 in LCD stress test (video)

They might officially be targeting the lower end of business budgets, but a quick peek at the attractive stylings of Lenovo's ThinkPad Edge and Dell's Vostro V13 would suggest that both have no shortage of consumer market appeal. So, for the sake of differentiating between these two thin-and-light machines, Lenovo has provided us with one of its torture test videos. Subjecting the V13 and Edge to (hopefully identical) pressure at varying points across the LCD lid, this procedure assesses the robustness of each machine's screen design. In spite of lacking all the fancy metals present in its elder ThinkPad siblings, the Edge comes through the test unscathed and begging for more, whereas the V13 ... well, it doesn't. Skip past the break to see the hideously disfigured LCD that resulted from its visit to the Lenovo labs.