Allerta's inPulse watch for BlackBerry spied at WES, turns on this time

You might recall that we got a quick look at the inPulse back at CES, but it didn't turn on back then, so we were excited to see the Allerta dudes back in action here at WES this week with a more functional prototype. This time, we were able to see the Bluetooth-connected watch flash its AMOLED display and it was plenty readable in harsh meeting room lighting; outdoor readability is another matter altogether, but we won't be able to answer that until we've got a review unit secured. What we saw was just a demo unit without a functional connection to a phone, but it was pre-loaded with enough content so that we got the basic idea of how it's going to work.

From the quick run-through of the UI, it seemed clear to us that Allerta understands its target demographic -- they're not trying to do anything with the inPulse other than present enough message, calendar, and caller ID content to get you by during that meeting when you'd feel uncomfortable pulling your phone out of your pocket. We're told that the hardware we're seeing here represents final ID -- paying customers will get exactly what you see here -- but they still don't have a firm shipping date, simply saying that they'll send them off to customers as soon as they have them in their hands. We're told the company has compatibility for other platforms in the works, but there's no date on that; for now, it's all BlackBerry, all the time. Oh, and the neatest trick? Firmware updates happen over the Bluetooth connection from your phone. Check it out in the gallery below.%Gallery-91917%