Enso's zenPad finds the funds to become reality

With only 500 units ordered and 30 scheduled to ship on May 8th, it's clear the Enso zenPad won't blow up the world, but it's nice to see a startup make good on its promises. We've yet to receive one of the cheap Android tablets ourselves, but we do finally have proof they're on the way: Enso CEO Alberto Armandi just sent us an official, signed receipt for the purchase of 500 MID-560A tablet computers from OEM SMiT, along with a bank document proving they have been bought and (mostly) paid for. What happens now is threefold: The 250 buyers who held out receive a rebranded SMiT tablet, the 250 who didn't get their money back (anecdotal reports indicate refunds are underway), and the whole mess hopefully fades into obscurity, letting the three young entrepreneurs who brought us this niche Chinese device get on with their lives. See the slightly redacted proof Enso actually purchased these things, right after the break.