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Eye-Fi announces Apple-exclusive Geo X2

Dave Caolo
Dave Caolo|@davidcaolo|April 27, 2010 5:00 PM
On Tuesday, Eye-Fi announced a new Apple-exclusive product as well as expansion of its hotspot service plan.

Their new device, the Eye-Fi Geo X2, will only be sold at Apple Stores starting in May. It brings faster uploads of photos and video (via a new 802.11n transmitter) directly to iPhoto and MobileMe (Picasa, Facebook, and 20+ others). Its capacity is 4GB.

One cool new feature is what they're calling Endless Memory, which allows users to have Eye-Fi automatically make space available on the card after photos and videos have been safely uploaded. Neat! It also does automatic geotagging so your shots will show up in iPhoto's "Places" feature with no problem.

Eye-Fi also announced the expansion of its hotspot service plan through a partnership with Devicescape, allowing X2 users to upload photos internationally and on thousands more networks.

If the US$49.99 Connect X2 doesn't float your boat and the $99.99 Explore X2 is a bit too pricey, consider the $69.99 Geo X2. A few TUAW bloggers have used Eye-Fi cards with rave reviews. Look for one next month.