King of Fighters shooter expanded for PSP

KOF Sky Stage

SNK's odd shooter spinoff, KOF Sky Stage, hasn't even made it out of the arcade and onto XBLA yet, and SNK has already announced a sort of sequel. Neo Geo Heroes is a new vertical shooting game for PSP containing the original Sky Stage as one mode, but also adding even more characters from SNK fighting games.

Kyo, Athena, Iori, and Kula from the KOF series, Terry and Mai from Fatal Fury, Marco Rossi from Metal Slug, Iroha the maid from Samurai Shodown VI, Akari from Last Blade, and even the pilot from Alpha Mission can fly now, apparently, as they're all selectable characters in the game.

Neo Geo Heroes will fly into Japanese retail in July. No plans have been announced outside of Japan for this nor Sky Stage.