Raystorm HD storming Japanese XBLA and PSN May 5

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Raystorm HD storming Japanese XBLA and PSN May 5
Though "mum" is still the word on the stateside release plans of Taito's renovated shoot-em-up Raystorm HD, Japanese scrolling aerial warfare enthusiasts will be pleased to know the game's recently announced, completely imminent release date. According to Japanese gaming news site Game Watch, Taito has confirmed the game will arrive in Japan on XBLA May 5 for 1,200 and PSN May 6 for 1,500 yen.

Just like every other time we've written about Raystorm HD, we'll contact Taito to see if we can find out anything about the game's North American release. Should we hear anything back, we'll travel directly to Vegas, because we've obviously been stricken with an impossible amount of good fortune.
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