WWDC 2010 officially announced

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WWDC 2010 officially announced

At long last, the wait is over. Apple has officially announced WWDC 2010. The "center of the app universe" will take place from June 7th - 11th at Moscone West in sunny San Francisco, California.

This year's event has five major sessions and lab categories: Application Frameworks, Core OS, Developer Tools, Graphics and Media and finally Internet & Web. For those who have wondered if Apple will be giving equal emphasis to traditional Mac development versus the iPhone OS platform, well, this picture says a thousand words. This is not a new OS X year but it is a big new iPhone OS device year and the conference schedule reflects that emphasis.

This is certainly the latest date that Apple has ever announced its WWDC dates in recent years (typically, it's announced in early March -- and once in late January). Developers will be glad to know they can finally schedule the rest of their Spring and Summer. Tickets are on sale now for US$1,599. Just remember, attendees must agree to the Registered Apple Developer Terms and Conditions as part of the conference ticket purchase process.

We'll see you in June!
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