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The most expensive toy Goron you'll see today

The most expensive toy Goron you'll see today
JC Fletcher
JC Fletcher|@jcfletcher|May 4, 2010 4:44 PM

Goron into the gallery
First 4 Figures has created a niche for itself as a destination for insane, rich Nintendo fans' extra money. The company has dipped pretty deep into the Zelda character catalog for its latest high-quality, high-cost figurine: Ocarina of Time's Goron King, Darunia.

Zelda adherents who really want to festoon their desks, shelves or dioramas with a 15-inch rock man (he's to scale with First 4 Figures' other Zelda toys) can order one of these for $154.99 in advance of its Q4 2010 release. The rest of us can just look at pictures of the thing in the gallery below.
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