WoW Moviewatch: Frontline

Michael Gray
M. Gray|05.05.10

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WoW Moviewatch: Frontline
We first posted about RedEyeLobine's Frontline Preview back in March of 2009. Man, how time flies. We knew at the time this video would be pretty awesome, with some impressive graphics, a fun metal soundtrack, and lots of badass action. The great news is that RedEye's completed the movie and released the final version of Frontline.

This is a hell of a video and gets me pretty pumped to go dust off my warrior and kick some tail. RedEye hints that there's a storyline which he'll develop in a later movie. But even without the story, the general gist is pretty clear. Basically, there are these two warriors. And there's this tail that requires kicking. The warriors then set about kicking that tail. There's a brief moment where things seem dark, but then reinforcements appear, and the tail-kicking recommences. Also, metal plays in the back ground, which is fairly mandatory when a pair of warriors are busy doing their warrior thing.

All in all, Frontline felt like a warrior anthem to me, and was a great video.

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