Shannon Posniewki talks level cap and mid-level content for Champions Online

Eliot Lefebvre
E. Lefebvre|05.06.10

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Shannon Posniewki talks level cap and mid-level content for Champions Online
There are ways that the current Champions Online Executive Producer, Shannon Posniewki, doesn't follower in the footsteps of predecessor Bill Roper. But much like Roper, Posniewki loves talking about the game, and almost always has something interesting to say as a result. In a recent interview, he talked about some of the issues of the game's present and future that are doubtlessly on the minds of many players, not the least of which is the level cap.

Unfortunately for players who just can't get enough leveling, the cap is staying put for now -- the team likes it right where it is. However, they also recognize how popular it is to move a new character to max level and then start rolling up alts, and are looking into ways to make doing so more rewarding. They also want to buff out mid-range content a bit, with possibilities of something in the 20-30 range.

Adventure packs, the first of which is due out in June, will help expand the content by being repeatable and runnable by any hero above Level 11. Champions Online players might not be hitting Level 70 any time soon, but it looks like they'll have plenty to make up for it.
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