HTC EVO 4G earns FCC's blessing, WiMAX and all

Looking at hundreds of FCC documents each and every week, it's pretty difficult for us to get too excited about any particular filing, but there are two words that do it for us each and every time: "LTE" and "WiMAX." In this case, the latter word caught our eye all throughout the filing for HTC model PC36100, which runs WiMAX on Sprint's (and Clearwire's) 2500MHz band alongside the standard suite of CDMA bands with EV-DO. In other words, folks, yes -- it's true -- you're looking at the frickin' EVO 4G for Sprint. There's not much to see here, really; it's still under confidentiality for the external photos, but at least they've cleared that all-important FCC hurdle on the way to retail, which will be... soon, Sprint? Right? Please?%Gallery-92549%