Kingdom Heroes marches into closed beta on May 18th

Justin Olivetti
J. Olivetti|05.10.10

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Kingdom Heroes marches into closed beta on May 18th
Fantasy MMOs may be a dime -- or less -- a dozen, so there's something special about a game that sets the action in a historical period instead. It's always a side bonus to learn something educational in MMOs, if only to use as ammunition when you want a loved one to pony up cash for another month's subscription ("But I'm learning, mom!") Players looking to stomp around ancient China will have their chance on May 18th, when Kingdom Heroes smashes into closed beta.

Kingdom Heroes is striving to hit a sweet spot with engrossing PvP, topping the usual buffet of choices with a few choice gems, such as ship battles, siege engines and customizable armies. Four classes -- warrior, conjurer, tactician and fencer -- and four body types (hm, do you want to be a "maiden" or a "beauty"?) are the tip of the customization Kingdom Heroes sports. The game is set in the era of the Three Kingdoms, and players will choose which kingdom and dynasty to fight for and (repeatedly) die in their name.

An ancient Chinese secret no longer, gamers can get their mitts on Kingdom Heroes by signing up for the beta and counting down the days until closed beta on May 18!
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