Pre Plus comes to AT&T on May 16, $149.99 with free Touchstone

AT&T has finally sent out the rundown on when (and for how much) its customers will be able to saddle themselves with a Pre Plus and matching two-year contract, and the wait isn't a long one: it launches this coming Sunday, May 16, just as we'd expected. It'll run $149.99 on contract after rebate -- the same that Sprint is charging for the Pre, and $100 more than Verizon is charging for its own Pre Plus -- but buyers will be getting a free Touchstone charging dock along with their purchase "for a limited time" when the phone is picked up in a corporate-owned store. There's no word on the Pixi Plus yet, but hey, at least this gets Palm back on the network after an extended vacation. No word on a free mobile hotspot add-on, but hope springs eternal, we suppose.