AT&T Palm Pre Plus and 3G MicroCell available nationwide on May 16 (update: not quite nationwide)

You've waited long enough AT&T customers. So long that the Palm Pre is now the Palm Pre Plus and Palm, well, isn't even Palm anymore. But you just never mind all that, what's important is that AT&T subscribers will finally have dibs on the Palm Pre Plus starting May 16th, nationwide. No mention of a free 3G mobile hotspot capability like that offered by Verizon, but you will have free access to AT&T's 20k-strong network of fixed hotspots. Now we just need a price -- an interesting dilemma after VZW lowered the PPP to just $30 on contract.

Our tipster also tells us that AT&T will be rolling out its 3G MicroCell from coast-to-coast on the same day. Makes sense since AT&T already gave us a mid-April date for its little signal boosting wonder.

[Thanks, D.]

We just spoke to AT&T about this whole ordeal; they wouldn't confirm or deny the Pre Plus situation, but we were told that there's "no change" in the MicroCell plans -- May 16 won't be a nationwide rollout, and there will be more rollouts in the weeks after.