Sprint cans Nexus One in favor of EVO 4G

Updated ·1 min read

In light of Verizon's recent decision (or was that Google's decision?) to say goodnight to the Nexus One in favor of the Droid Incredible, we thought it might be wise to reach out to Sprint and get a comment on its own version -- the EVO 4G is just around the corner, of course, and it's lying in wait to cast a long, long shadow over any other Android device in Sprint's lineup. Sure enough, the carrier says that it's now taking a pass on Google's first "superphone," seeing how the EVO 4G is basically better in every respect: WiMAX support, larger screen, better camera, and so on. Of course, this might peeve a few folks who'd prefer stock Android over HTC's Sense UI -- if for no other reason than the fact that Sense-powered devices tend to have wildly longer firmware upgrade lag times than stock ones do -- but otherwise, the move seems to be a perfectly logical one. Oh, and as for that EVO? No update on a launch window, but Sprint says that it's still targeting Summer, thank goodness.