PlayStation Move controller priced at $60 in Canada

Nilay Patel
N. Patel|05.11.10

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PlayStation Move controller priced at $60 in Canada
Sony's been pretty fuzzy on pricing for the PlayStation Move -- we've only really heard "under $100" for the full package with controller and camera -- but it looks like the numbers are starting to solidify, as Gamestop Canada has the controller itself now listed for $59.99. How that number will translate into a US price is obviously up in the air, but Sony's MSRPs tend to be the same or similar across the US and Canada, so we'd say we've at least got a reasonable estimate of how much this thing is going to cost. We'd also guess that this points to a full package price of $99, but we'll see -- Sony's got months before the Move's planned holiday launch to tweak all these numbers.

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