ASUS Eee PC 1005PR shipping to some customers with disabled Broadcom Crystal HD chip?

We've definitely had some hit-or-miss experiences with the Broadcom Crystal HD video accelerator chip in various Atom-powered netbooks, but it sounds like some Eee PC 1005PR buyers are having a different sort of bad day entirely, as ASUS is apparently shipping some systems without the chip disabled or otherwise not installed. That's at least the word according to several reviews on Amazon, and ASUS is apparently directing people to return the machines for a refund or replacement. We'd recommend holding off for a tick if you were in the market, and if you've already thrown down the cash, well, now might be a good time to double-check that Device Manager.

Update: ASUS tells us it's looking into the matter, and that company reps are actively contacting users with issues to sort things out. We'll let you know if we hear anything else.