Frogster releases more information on Runes of Magic Chapter III

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Frogster releases more information on Runes of Magic Chapter III
Frogster has been giving fans previews of the Runes of Magic Chapter III since GDC way back in March. Our latest view of the expansion comes to us courtesy of IncGamers, who looked at details and images from the Southern Janost Forest.

The landscape itself is marshy and damp, making travel and any sort of farming difficult. You'll find more hunters and fishermen here than farmers, although a marsh-friendly plant called Malanga grows wild and forms the foundation of the citizens' diets.

The architecture of the area is very attractive, all soaring spires and graceful design, but don't be entirely fooled by this book's pretty cover -- one of those buildings is Warnorken Castle, inhabited by Baron Reuen von Jura, the main villain in the zone. The strife doesn't begin and end with the Baron and his persecution of those living in the forest. The principality of Shador is home to some of the most skilled archers in the land. The citizens of Shador are ready and willing to defend their city from attackers, and there are even rumors of a mysterious alliance with those in the neighboring Milasso Forest -- they're not a people you want to make an enemy of.

Take a look at the entire preview at IncGamers.
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