General Motors partners with Google for Android-powered cars?

Sean Hollister
S. Hollister|05.12.10

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General Motors partners with Google for Android-powered cars?
Not one day after General Motors said they'd found a mysterious technology partner to help extend the Chevy Volt's futuristic OnStar functionality do anonymous sources step in (as usual) to ruin the surprise. Though we thought RIM made a fine contender, Motor Trend says it's actually Google that'll reportedly "sell its Android operating system for in-car use." Last we heard, Google wasn't in the business of selling Android, but that wouldn't stop GM from using the open-source OS anyhow -- in fact, we already knew Android cars were on the way, and one's already in production. Let's just hope GM doesn't take the integration too far: we fear the day will come when our "engine" app spontaneously decides to force close.
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