General Motors partners with mystery organization to bolster OnStar technology

Thought the Chevy Volt's OnStar apps were impressive? You may not have to buy a Volt to get them. General Motors says it would like to extend such infotainment beyond its flagship plug-in hybrid, and has partnered with a undisclosed tech firm to help make it happen. Speaking to CNN Money, OnStar president Chris Pruess teases that we could see some of Volt's features -- remote locking, charging and perhaps air conditioning options -- on other OnStar automobiles, or even other ventures (the exec says they're looking "beyond automotive") the auto manufacturer might decide on. The big question, of course, is whether this mysterious partner might restrict smartphone functionality to a particular handset or carrier -- after all, when we think of cell phone manufacturers who've both worked with GM and recently acquired automotive assets, one in particular comes to mind.

[Thanks, Jub]