Sony Alpha NEX cameras now up for pre-order, start at $549 in US, €499 in Europe (updated)

Ross Miller
R. Miller|05.12.10

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Sony Alpha NEX cameras now up for pre-order, start at $549 in US, €499 in Europe (updated)
Listen, you've had enough time to think on it -- just over 24 hours, to be less imprecise -- and now it's time to make a monetary decision on Sony's Alpha NEX-3 / 5 interchangeable lens cameras. Pre-orders are now being accepted via the online Sony Style store; each camera comes as a kit with either the 16mm lens, or for an extra $50 the 18-55mm. Thus, we're looking at a minimum of $549.99 for the NEX-3 with 16mm, up to a penny under $700 for the NEX-5 with the more versatile eye. Lenses aren't yet sold separately, so make your choice wisely, and while you can gawk at the accessories -- optical viewfinder, A-mount lens adapter, and stereo mic, among others -- they're not yet taking your credit card details for anything but the kit right now. What's that... you wanted the camcorder? Keep dreaming, for now.

[Thanks, Julio]

Update: The NEX-5 and NEX-3 are now also available for pre-order in Europe (kitted out with the 16mm glass) at price points of €599 and €499, respectively. [Thanks, Edin]
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