Apple releases new iPad TV commercial

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Apple has released a new iPad commercial titled "What is iPad?" This ad takes quite a different tone from the first iPad television commercial that premiered during the Oscars. The new commercial is more "in your face" in the way that a gangster is when he lets you know that your eyes were mistaken when they saw that man pushed off the ledge -- "He tripped." The gruff narrator starts out by asking "What is iPad?" He then proceeds to answer his own question. "iPad is thin. iPad is beautiful," he tells you. The ad goes on to show the iPad in a variety of locations (including on a moped).

The imagery and composition of the shots does make this one of Apple's coolest ads in a long time. It's a welcome departure from the dotty iPhone ads that have been starting to get on my nerves.

The ad ends with the narrator saying, "It's already a revolution. And it's only just begun." The confidence and mob-like authority of his voice leads me to believe that I wouldn't argue over anything he said about the iPad for fear of getting shanked in some alley. This guy wants you to buy an iPad, and you'd better -- or else. Me? I'm going out right now to buy two more, just in case.
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