Kindle DX trial at Darden concludes it's academically woeful, personally enjoyable

Amazon's experiment of replacing textbooks with Kindle DXs in classrooms already took a pretty hefty blow from Princeton's feedback -- which described the jumbo e-reader as "a poor excuse" for an academic tool -- but here comes some more punishment courtesy of the trialists at Darden. The Business School describes the DX as clunky and too slow to keep up with the pace of teaching, with up to 80 percent of users saying they wouldn't recommend it for academic use. There is a silver lining to this cloud of hate however, as up to 95 percent of all project participants would be happy to recommend the Kindle DX as a personal reading device. That meshes rather well with the high satisfaction and sales figures e-readers are enjoying, but it does show that the hardware has a long way to go before it convinces us to ditch our paperbacks.

[Thanks, Miles B]