'Koopa Hell' may change our Super Mario Bros. strategy forever

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'Koopa Hell' may change our Super Mario Bros. strategy forever
We were pretty sure that, after 25 years of practice, our tried-and-true strategy for the original Super Mario Bros. would be fairly set in stone. Little did we know that CollegeHumor (of all websites!) would be the one to show us the cruelty of one of our most basic in-game maneuvers: the Koopa Bounce Pipe Trap. What happens to that poor creature after you've left him bouncing between two pipes? Thanks to the Mushroom Kingdom's lack of inertial dissipation, he stays that way for all eternity.

Watch the video after the break to see how your thoughtless actions might have sent countless Koopas spiraling into a nightmarish realm of Lovecraftian horrors. You monster.
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