Pentax's all-weather Optio W90 gets reviewed: brawn meets brain

As we've seen in the past, rugged point-and-shoots aren't necessarily the greatest pure shooters; generally speaking, compromises are made when it comes to image quality in order to manufacture a camera that can withstand an atypical amount of abuse. With that in mind, critics over at Photography BLOG went into their review of Pentax's all-weather Optio W90 with lowered expectations on the image quality front, but they actually came away duly impressed. Deeming the cam one "not just of outer muscle, but with inner strengths too," they found the W90 able to produce images "better what [they were] used to [seeing] from models that major on toughness." As you'd expect, it was able to shrug off bouts with dust, water and the occasional rude encounter with concrete, but reviewers did lament the omission of optical stabilization, and low-light performance was unsurprisingly lackluster. Still, it seems a solid overall option for those concerned with rigidity, but we'd encourage you to visit that source link before making a final call either way.