Sony bringing on-demand movies to Aussie PS3 owners, MUBI doing similar in Europe

International PlayStation 3 owners have long since enjoyed spoils unavailable to North American consumers (PlayTV, anyone?), but one area where they're lagging is the availability of on-demand films. Thanks to a couple of serendipitously timed announcements, PS3 owners in Australia, New Zealand and far-flung corners of Europe will soon have a couple of new options for bringing digital movies to their television via their favorite Sony-branded game console. For starters, Sony itself will be launching the hotly-anticipated Australian on-demand movie rental / purchase service on Thursday, which will offer up (initially, anyway) 600 titles, though the breakdown of HD vs. SD isn't given. We're told that around 50 new movies will be added each month, and after paying the rental fee, you'll have a scant 48 hours to ingest it as many times as you so desire. In related news, MUBI will also be bringing a similar service to a smattering of overseas nations. So far as we can tell, this is what a child would look like if parented by Facebook and Vudu, and the concept is admittedly intriguing. Unfortunately, HD streams won't be available at launch, but hopefully it'll get with the program in short order. Speaking of the program, hit those source links for more details on both.

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