We're giving you closed beta keys to Kingdom Heroes, so you too can die to Lu Bu

Seraphina Brennan
S. Brennan|05.19.10

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We're giving you closed beta keys to Kingdom Heroes, so you too can die to Lu Bu
Let's face it -- you can't defend that gate from Lu Bu. No matter how many times you try, he's just going to come in and clean the floor with your face. Your AI solders are nice to have along during your trek through the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, but they're not always bright enough to get out of the way of Lu Bu... or do anything useful for that matter. Just remember, Lu Bu is the Chinese Chuck Norris. Don't pursue him.

So wouldn't it be nice to have some intelligent players around you while Lu Bu wipes the floor with your face? We think so. Then, at least, others can share in your pain.

That's why today we have 5,000 keys for you, so you can access Aeria Games's latest MMO, Kingdom Heroes -- an MMO set in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms. So, if you've gotten tired of playing Dynasty Warriors and wish to take on a character of your own, then look no further. Come for the ability to command a small army of your own, stay for the ability to own hundreds of people on the battlefield (except Lu Bu.) Plus take a leap after the break to check out a video of the game in action, so you can decide if this is a game you want to jump into.

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