Mad musician makes a minimalist maze on his monome (video)

Tim Stevens
T. Stevens|05.20.10

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Mad musician makes a minimalist maze on his monome (video)
What do you do when you're sick of making music on your instruments? You hack them to play video games, apparently. YouTube user silverspaceship (real name Sean) worked up some code he calls monomAZe 3D, enabling you to take a journey into a very old-school 3D maze on your two fifty six edition monome, which (if you hadn't guessed) features a grid of 256 light up buttons. The intent of the device is making trippy music (such as the soundtrack to this video), but apparently it can also take you on a trip, which is mighty neat in our book. Cost of entry? About $1,400 for the two fifty six, if you can find one, but at least the source code is free.

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