Versace Unique launched, Vertu put on notice

And here it is, the Versace phone. Teaming up with the ModeLabs outfit that's already quite familiar with building lush phone-like pieces of handheld jewelry, Versace has just announced its first foray into the world of touchscreen communicators. It's quite the striking debut, too, coming with a sapphire crystal screen that is apparently the largest single piece ever offered in a consumer device, as well as gold plating and "high-tech ceramic" construction options. Hand assembly is an obvious standard feature, as is the Medusa-embossed leather back. LG is responsible for putting together the innards, including the 3-inch display and 5 megapixel camera, and worry not, we understand a black version will be available too. Look for the Unique in the usual places you find wildly overpriced gear starting next month.

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May 20, 2010

Versace announces the launch of Versace Unique

Seoul (Korea Newswire) May 20, 2010 -- Versace, in collaboration with ModeLabs Group, announces the launch of Versace Unique, the first luxury touchscreen and full-featured multimedia creation that will be sold through the most important exclusive watch and fine jewellery networks and Versace flagship boutiques worldwide from early June 2010.

Versace Unique unites all essential functions for professional and personal use, crafted from the finest materials, hand-assembled in France and built to the uncompromising standards of all the Versace products. The face is constructed from pure high-tech ceramic or handmade lacquers delicately framed with an 18K yellow gold finish or 316L grade stainless steel inlay. The back is wrapped in the finest handcrafted leather, embossed with the Medusa head. The Versace Unique sapphire crystal screen is the largest single piece of this high-tech material ever produced for consumers. Impossible to scratch, smooth and receptive, it provides an ideal conductivity and precision control of the touchphone interface.

Beneath the precious exterior of Versace Unique lies a world of advanced technology created by LG that guarantees a seamless interface between life and technology, design and usefulness. Versace Unique handles all the duties of a phone, 3G network, client e-mail, media player, full-powered 5-megapixel flash camera and netbook. It features unprecedented Dolby Mobile surround sound technology for high quality in ringtones, MP3 music files and video with 30 hours of playtime.

Gian Giacomo Ferraris, Chief Executive Officer of Versace Group said: "We are excited about Versace Unique. Our team has worked well with our partners at Modelabs to manufacture a very innovative product which perfectly blends luxury materials, craftsmanship and the advanced technologies of LG. As we move forward in the development of our business, we are particularly happy to be able to strengthen the offer of luxury accessories that complement our core fashion products in line with Versace`s DNA."

"The creation of a mobile phone for a luxury brand is first and foremost a matter of passion. At the origin of a new product, a mysterious alchemy takes form between the brand's creative style and our own know-how allying tradition and innovation whilst at the same time respecting the highest criteria of design, selection of materials, technologies and great attention to appearance. Such is the passion that makes our mobile phones unique," commented Stéphane Bohbot, ModeLabs CEO.

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