LG's Windows Phone 7 caught in some early packaging, to be dubbed GW910? (update: video!)

LG hasn't been what you'd call "super secretive" with its first Windows Phone 7 hardware (codenamed LG Panther), after all, the phone was flashed on the Engadget Show as the first official hardware for the new OS. Still, a prototype of the phone, meant for developers to start testing their apps on, has made its way into the wild and might shed some new light on the handset. It's been spotted with some full-on packaging (which is apparently non-final, even the Windows Phone 7 logo is wrong) and a "GW910" model number, which might be the final name for the handset -- or at least its internal call sign. It's also dangerously close in sound to the GW990, bringing back painful memories of that Moorestown phone's cancellation. Other notes accompanying the leak state that while the OS still has plenty of rough edges and is being updated with new builds almost every other day, it's "more or less feature complete" and very fast. They even shot a sample photo with the device, which you can find at your friendly neighborhood source link. Haven't had enough Windows Phone 7? Hit up our nerdtastic breakdown of the OS's core components.

Update: Looks like Innovative Singapore got a video of the phone's startup sequence as well. Watch it power on at our source link.