OCZ Enyo USB 3.0 SSD gets reviewed: seductively speedy

OCZ's Enyo USB 3.0 portable SSD is still a fortnight or so away from hitting typical sales channels, but that hasn't stopped PC Perspective from picking one up via alternative means and putting it through its paces. We already knew that this would easily be the sexiest USB 3.0 SSD to hit the streets this year (okay, so we're assuming, but we're willing to bet a handful of Microsoft Points!), but now we know it'll also be one of the fastest. When tested alongside a USB 3.0 Super Talent thumb drive in a reasonably potent Core i7 desktop, critics found that read / write performance was downright stunning, with sustained read speeds hitting 195MB/sec and write speeds reaching as high as 220MB/sec. 'Course, the lofty price means that this beaut couldn't be recommended to all, but it's certainly nice to have the option if you're still looking for ways to spend that tax refund check. Video's after the break, y'all.

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