PlayStation Move two-fer: Sony tells devs to avoid bad Wii clones, ad points to July release

There's no question that PlayStation Move news is only going to get more frenzied in advance of E3, and it looks like things are already starting kick up a notch, with two stories recently surfacing that could shed a bit more light on what's in store for Sony's new motion controller. The first of those comes directly from Sony's Rob Dyer, who told Gamasutra that the company has been "spending a lot of our time" going back to game developers and telling them what works and what doesn't, and offering other helpful advice like "it didn't work on the Wii for a reason" -- the general idea there being that Sony doesn't want Move developers simply churning out clones of bad Wii games. The second bit of news comes courtesy of New Zealand South African game retailer BT Games, which recently put out a flyer containing the notice above that suggests the Move could be coming as soon as this July. Of course, that conflicts with some earlier listings that pointed towards a September release (and Sony's own word that it's coming "this fall"), but this particular retailer does apparently have a bit of a history with leaks, having correctly confirmed the existence of the 250GB Xbox 360 Elite a few months before its release.