The Engadget Show - 009: Kevin Lynch, editor Q&A, AT&T GNOC tour, Sprint EVO 4G

Chad Mumm
C. Mumm|05.24.10

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The Engadget Show - 009: Kevin Lynch, editor Q&A, AT&T GNOC tour, Sprint EVO 4G
Greetings people of Earth. The Engadget Show is back in a big way with this latest episode! First, Josh sits down with Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch to tackle a handful of thorny questions, from Flash vs. HTML5, to the smartphone revolution and his company's relationship with Apple. Then Josh, Paul, and Nilay welcome editors Chris Ziegler and Laura June for a special editor's Q&A, answering all your burning questions about news, culture, and what it's like to write for Engadget. We've also got a tour of AT&T's Global Network Operations Center (GNOC), which is essentially a war-room for networks that has to be seen to be believed. All that, and music from minusbaby and visuals from noteNdo. Okay that's enough reading... time to watch!

Hosts: Joshua Topolsky, Paul Miller, Nilay Patel
Special guests: Kevin Lynch, Chris Ziegler, Laura June
Produced and Directed by: Chad Mumm
Executive Producer: Joshua Fruhlinger
Edited by: Glenn Gapultos
Music by: minusbaby
Visuals by: noteNdo
Opening titles by: Julien Nantiec

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