Austin's GDC opens 2010 registration under new name

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Austin's GDC opens 2010 registration under new name
Registration has begun for Austin's Game Developers Conference 2010, but you won't find it under the "GDC Austin" banner this year. The conference is now known as GDC Online to reflect the focus on online gaming. GDC "has always chiefly been themed around online games, reflecting the local importance of MMOs and online games, thanks to pioneering Austin-based developers like Origin (Ultima Online), and current studios like BioWare Austin (Star Wars: The Old Republic) and Sony Online Entertainment (DC Universe Online)," and the new name is more accurate in light of that.

Ticket prices are at a 40% early registration discount until September 1st, with a 55% alumni discount for those who attended last year. Five different pass options and prices are available on the GDC site.
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