Pets *ding* in Wizard101

Justin Olivetti
J. Olivetti|05.26.10

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Pets *ding* in Wizard101
A wizened sage once asked, "How much is that doggie in the window?" Perhaps he was contemplating the tangible cost of loyalty and companionship. Perhaps he was attempting to ascribe value to an animal's existence. What he missed was just how awesome pig ninjas can be when unleashed in a wizardly world.

Wizard101 just released their May 2010 patch, which revolves around an incredibly beefy and interactive advanced pet system. While pets have been in the game since launch, it's with this patch that they've been given a life outside of pure vanity. Pets can now roam around player housing, engage in mini-games, be bred to perfection, and even cast a handful of spells in a fight. It is possibly one of the deeper pet systems in MMORPGs to date, and worthy of any young (at heart) wizard's or witch's attention.

This Wizard101 patch also includes a host of other updates, ranging from badges to characters, housing, spells and more. If you're into this colorful title, make sure to take a few minutes to digest the whole list of notes, which can be found here.
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